Cypress of Dog Howls - digital environment, digital render, photography


Made for the Japan Wolf Association

 In the Tamaki mountains there is supposedly a large Japanese cypress tree called the Cypress of Dog Howls. One night in 1889, a great flood that killed many people hit Hongu and nearby areas. Wolves gathered around a tree to howl, warning everyone of the coming danger. Whether or not the story is true, it seemed like an appropriate scene to reconstruct at a time when some people in Japan are calling out for the wolves to return and help again.

Wild deer and boar numbers have been on the increase since the Japanese wolf was hunted to extinction during the Meiji restoration of the late 1800's. The unsustainable and unmanageable number of boar and deer cause billions of yen in damage to forests and agriculture annually. With the number of hunters in Japan decreasing, and no other natural predators to control boar and deer numbers, many people are looking to reintroduce the wolf in an attempt to restore balance. 

The images used in this scene are from the National Museum of Nature and Sciences’ taxidermy collection, featuring one of only 7 remaining examples of a preserved Japanese wolf

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